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Azaria Perch

Azaria Perch

9400 sq ft of land for sale in Union Heights with a picturesque view.

Why Your St Lucia Property Isn't Earning You Cash

Hiring a real estate agent to manage your property sales and marketing can significantly increase your real estate income.  I recently met two property owners with lovely vacation rentals that were not making them any real money. They were perfectly located, with trendy interior furnishings and with close proximity to the amenities that many vacationers are seeking out. These properties had all the ingredients for becoming top real estate. But ...[more]

How to Buy St. Lucia Property

If you’ve been thinking about buying buying property in St. Lucia, there has never been a better time than now! It's a buyer’s market now and the best time to buy that house you’ve always wanted. Real estate prices are falling, and so are mortgage rates. A great variety of properties are now on the market and priced to sell. These are the right conditions for sealing your property deal and you really shouldn’t wait.

Buying Saint Lucia property can be a both a thrilling and daunting experience and for a first time home owner it’s not without its hassles. There is quite an array of St. Lucia real estate to choose from, and for the first time buyer it can be quite a challenge finding the right property or navigating the buying process. But by no means should this discourage you because this can be quite easy if you know just what to do.

So how do you buy Saint. Lucia real estate anyway?

1. Decide Your Real Estate Needs

Start by deciding your real estate needs. Why do you want to own St. Lucia property? Are you interested in residential or commercial real estate? Do you want a newly built or are you up to the challenge of a renovation? What are your plans for the next 3 to 5 years? You will need to consider what kind of property best suits your life style or real estate...[more]

How to AVOID Getting Ripped-off When Buying St. Lucia Real Estate

You’d think that anyone buying St. Lucia real estate would do everything to walk away with the best deal possible right? Wrong. Apparently not everyone does. Many people are sitting on dead weight properties that they bought with the expectation of huge profits that simply has not materialised. Their income projections were all premised on mere speculation. You’d be surprised how buyers get ripped off by sellers using the same real estate sales tactics over and over.

Don’t Buy In Frustration

Buying Saint Lucia property can be one of the biggest investments you may make. Needless to say of course, price isn’t everything. You shouldn’t buy a property simply because the price is low or because you’re tired of property hunting.

It can be quite exasperating when you finally find the right house but the price is not what you can afford or the property within your price range just don’t meet your needs. Don’t get carried away by your enthusiasm or...[more]

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